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Dr. Algirdas V. Kanauka was born in Kaunas, Lithuania 1931, into a family of a prominent university professor and surgeon Vincas Kanauka. Went to Germany before the end of World War II to avoid having to live under Soviet communism again. Survived the war through good luck and good will of some people. After the war lived in a Displaced Persons camp in Kempten Germany four years. Immigrated to the USA in 1949. Attended State College Mississippi and then transferred to The Citadel Military college of South Carolina, from which he graduated (1954) with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the USAF. Became a navigator and electronic warfare officer (sobriquet- RAVEN) serving mainly as a combat crew member in Strategic Air Command’s B- 52, B-58 and RC-135 units. Was also assigned to European Command as a development engineer in West Germany. Retired from USAF in 1976 with the rank of major and went to work as member of technical staff, project engineer, program manager, in aerospace industry in Southern California: Hughes Helicopter division of Summa Corp, Resdel Engineering Inc. and Aerospace Corporation in Los Angeles area. After Lithuania regained independence in 1990, went back there to be consultant to General Staff and lecturer at the Military Academy there. Retired in 2015 to Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Author’s academic degrees: BS in Electrical Engineering from The Citadel, Master in Business Administration from University of Dayton, Master of Science in Systems Management and a Doctorate in Public Administration from University of Southern California.

Kanauka was married to Lily Marroquin (now deceased), children: Fernando, Irina, Anna Maria, grandson – Harrison Taylor. Author’s Military decorations include Air Force Commendation Medal, Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal and several foreign decorations: Lithuanian – for Merit, Austrian – Black Cross, Vietnamese – for Service in Vietnam war.